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February 2018

IMPACT Accelerator at 4YFN 2018 640 428 IMPACT Accelerator

IMPACT Accelerator at 4YFN 2018

Meet IMPACT Accelerator at 4YFN 2018

There are lots of opportunities to connect with IMPACT and the team at 4YFN Barcelona, coming up at the end of February.

  • IMPACT Connected Car meetup, Monday 26 February at 16h in the IMPACT space.
  • IMPACT Demo Day, Tuesday 27 February at 16:30 on the Airbus Stage.
  • IMPACT Meetup, Tuesday 27 February at 18h in the IMPACT space.
  • Or just swing by the IMPACT space and say hello whenever you have a free moment!

Tell me more...

Got a startup in the connected vehicle sector? Join the IMPACT Connected Car meetup at 4YFN Barcelona on February 26 at 16h in the IMPACT space. Meet like-minded people and network in the vertical.

Meet 12 of the most outstanding IMPACT startups at 4YFN Demo Day! The event will take place on Tuesday, February 27 at 16:30h – 18h on the Airbus Stage. Some of the top #IMPACTer startups from three different programs —  IMPACT Growth and IMPACT ConnectedCar — will be presenting their respective companies. Startup pitching will be combined with brief interlaced panel discussions to introduce the various verticals around which these IMPACT programs revolve.

Who will be pitching?

  • from IMPACT Growth: DelSuper, FruitsApp, GymCraft, RezGuru, XapiX, YBVR
  • from IMPACT ConnectedCar: Botcar, Hevo Power

Following startup pitching, all attendees are invited to join the IMPACT Accelerator meetup with a light cocktail at 18h in the IMPACT space.

About the event

4 Years From Now (4YFN) is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that enables startups, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together.

4YFN Venue: Hall 8, Fira Montjuïc, Av. Reina Maria Cristina, Barcelona

4YFN dates and times: 26-28 February 2018, 9h-20h

Register here.

Hope to see you there!

Even more IMPACT

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Using FIWARE to make an IMPACT 1024 683 IMPACT Accelerator

Using FIWARE to make an IMPACT

Solving the problems of today and tomorrow with open-source technologies

Some facts about FIWARE...

  • FIWARE technologies are being used to solve critical problems all over the world.
  • Solutions powered by FIWARE are as diverse as cleaning solar panels, allowing deaf people to interact with a sound-based world, maintaining the handling temperature of food, and visualizing real-time weather information.
  • The FIWARE community links more than 1,000 startups in nearly 90 cities. The community gets together twice a year for the FIWARE Tech Summit and the FIWARE Global Summit.
  • FIWARE is trusted by super startups like Carto and Glamping Hub.

But what is FIWARE?

In 2011, the European Commision launched a €300 million initiative, the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP), to “increase and share the social and economic benefits of the future internet for consumers, citizens, businesses and the public sector.” The FI-PPP set to work and subsequently developed FIWARE.

FIWARE is a scalable, open-source platform that provides a simple yet powerful set of APIs to ease the development of smart applications. FIWARE’s technologies are royalty-free and available to all–along with support materials, including a Generic Enablers catalog, video tutorials, guides for developers, and more–on the FIWARE website.

The mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, tries out a VR headset developed by IMPACT startup YBVR. | photo: FIWARE Foundation

A tool for any occasion

FIWARE offers a wide range of solutions for startups and other technology-based organizations. Think of it as a toolkit. Any good toolkit contains a wrench, a hammer, several screwdrivers, pliers and so on. You don’t need to use all the tools at once, but you do expect the right tool to be at hand when you encounter something to be fixed. FIWARE works the same way. You can pick and choose which Generic Enablers to incorporate into your technological base depending on what solution you need. Looking for software to enable complex data visualization? Need to retrieve aggregated information from IoT devices? Want a springboard for developing your augmented reality (AR) platform? FIWARE covers all this and more.

Currently, FIWARE is solving real problems all over the world. Its Enablers make it especially well-adapted for Smart City solutions. For example, it’s being implemented in Seville, Spain to monitor water quality in public fountains.

Another powered-by-FIWARE solution aims to use robots to make life easier for the elderly and other people who may have reduced mobility. This project is a collaboration between eProsima robots and Situm indoor navigation software; they were able to build a bridge between their services using a FIWARE Enabler, thus taking steps toward making robotic assistance a reality.


The histories of FIWARE and IMPACT have been intertwined since the beginning of the accelerator program’s existence. IMPACT Accelerator was created by a consortium of European companies in 2014, when the European Commission awarded the consortium with a €6.4 million fund to be used to accelerate European FIWARE startups.

The fund was put towards a variety of FIWARE-promoting activities, including international events and hackathons. Most of it was centralized, however, in the acceleration program, which paired high-quality training with equity-free funding for startups. IMPACT held three open calls for startups over two years. More than 5,000 startups applied from more than 60 countries, representing sectors as diverse as education, e-commerce, and infrastructure and security. All applicants were already using FIWARE or submitted a FIWARE implementation plan.

Through our open calls, more than 5,000 startups were therefore actively engaged in the FIWARE community. Many of them liked what they saw, becoming contributors to the open-source repository of code and improving existing enablers.

The best 60 startups were selected to participate in the IMPACT Acceleration program. Most of these are still in existence today, and many of them have become FIWARE success cases.

The FIWARE Summit showcases the best startups and companies implementing FIWARE, while connecting developers, founders, corporates, and more. | photo: FIWARE Foundation

A deeper relationship

Over the course of our history with FIWARE, we saw it grow from an early-stage project into the mature suite of solutions it is today. When we began to prepare our second program, IMPACT Growth, we realized that we could benefit from a deeper relationship with FIWARE. That’s why the FIWARE Foundation entered IMPACT as a consortium partner in IMPACT Growth. This program is focused on four verticals identified by the European Commission as key areas for future investment: Smart Cities, Smart Content, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Agrifood. It’s important to us at IMPACT to align our goals and objectives with European Union policies, and the IMPACT Growth program is making that happen.

Soon after the launch of IMPACT Growth, we embarked on yet another program, IMPACT Connected Car. The FIWARE Foundation is also a consortium member in this initiative, which is focused on unifying and strengthening all parts of the connected vehicle value chain.

All IMPACT startups, therefore, have access to extensive FIWARE support, and they’re taking advantage of it: IMPACT startups are using the technologies to power amazing things. For example, Insylo is using FIWARE to remotely monitor the stocks of the silos of the livestock farms and optimize the replenishment routes. FIWARE has allowed LeeLuu Stories to create interactive nightlights that track children’s sleep. Measurence has implemented Enablers to detect presence, position and activity of people within physical spaces, thereby creating an actionable data platform for any physical commerce business. The possibilities are endless!

Even more IMPACT

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